Hi- I’m Justin. I’m a SaaS and Cloud Product Management Specialist.

I help companies make outstanding SaaS and Cloud products. Why? Because in the new world of SaaS and Cloud, the consumerisation and democratisation of software means that it’s not acceptable to have sub-par software, because nobody is going to buy it in scale.

I’ve been 100% SaaS & Cloud focused for nearly four years, which means I bring a lot of experience and best practice to the table.

I love Steve Blank’s Customer Development model, and use that wherever I can. Eric Ries lean startup is inspirational in its application of metrics, customer development and agile to product management.

Dave McClure breaks it up really nicely in his startonomics-

  1. Make a good product (Activation and retention)
  2. Market the product (Acquisition and referral)
  3. Make Money (Revenue and Profitability)

I’m 1.

I’m currently #2 on wefollow for SaaS and #13 for cloud. I manage the world’s biggest group of SaaS professionals – 13,000 on Linkedin and edit the new weekly digest.

I’m currently consulting and advising a couple of stealth mode start-ups. If you’d like to explore how we could work together- contact me.